8 Bitter Realities of Life that Help You Grow

Wisdom comes over time, and it comes with loss, lessons, experiences and triumphs. It slowly builds a character then, that too after doubts, exploring unknowns and going through unpaved paths. This is how wisdom and character are sculpted. Desire of happiness and success is what moves us, and if there were a definitive path to happiness and success, everyone would have been on it. Alas, there is no such path. You will have to travel every mile of your journey, you will have to go through failures too, because seeds of progress are planted in past failures. Your greatest struggles become your best stories once you overcome them. So keep trying, keep learning, and keep living.

We all go through several hardships of life, including sudden death of our close ones, losing our best friends, unexpected business loss or being thrown out of job. These experiences are cruel and keep you down for a while. But once tough times are over, we built better understanding of life.

So it is actually wise to know harsh realities of life that we all experience, and treat them as friends that are going to help us grow and be wise. Here are some thoughts to consider;

1. Your biggest problems often exist in your mind only

Happiness and success is ultimately dependent on two elements, the way you think, and the way you act based upon your thoughts. Unhappiness and failure is very less dependent on present situation, and more on your thoughts about it.

When you believe in yourself, you learn the first secret of success and happiness. Once you are done with first secret, you become remarkable at doing great things, without the need for anything more. Often to be on right track is not about going somewhere new, it’s about seeing familiar ground in new ways. Once you do, you will realize the only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them.

2. Long term joys cannot be bought, but earned

What makes you happy? Intangible things like affection, happy memories, or tangible objects that become absolute even before you become thoroughly comfortable with. You get to choose, but it’s wise to stop caring for the things you can touch, and start caring about the things that can touch you.

Whatever you do, never completely sacrifice your time for money. Enjoy the gifts that money cannot buy. Let your heart and mind work as one, built that integration between them. Promise yourself that you will never make excuses and will stay true to your special ones, your values and your purpose. Do what it takes, so that one day, many blue moons from now, you can look back at your life with an honest smile and happy heart.